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LE-9260 baseboarddevelopment baseboard

The LE-9260 baseboard accepts our LE-9260 Linux Engine and adds the additional I/O devices of the Atmel AT91SAM9260 processor. It also includes a full 32-bit expansion bus for development of your own boards. There is also a module site above the Multitech Socketmodem socket that supports a serial-based expansion board.


  • Serial: 4 x DB-9 male RS-232 interfaces; 1 x UART for optional Multitech Socketmodem
  • USB: 1 x mini USB-B connector for programming; 2 x USB-B connector for devices
  • SD-card for expansion
  • Possible to run Debian OS from SD-card
  • LED: Power; User configurable; Ethernet Link; Ethernet Activity; Modem Ready; Modem DCD
  • Optional power-over-ethernet


  • Power: 5-12 VDC Power Jack
  • Dimensions: 6 by 6 inches