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RS232 box Breakout and Monitor

The RS232 breakout box with data logging ability can run as a standalone RS232 breakout or attached to a computer via USB logging the data from both sides of the connection.

The breakout supports both DB-9 and DB-25 connectors. The lines for the "big-8" can be individually broken. The lines can also be switched for a NULL modem configuration. The DB-9 and DB-25 on each side are wired together so you can go in DB-9 on one side and come out DB-25 on the other. Also, one side has male connectors and the other side has female connectors so the device can be inserted inline.

There are two LEDs on each side of the switches. This allows much easier viewing of the line status than a single bi-color LED per line.


  • Supports DB-9 and DB-25 cables
  • Can change DB-9 to DB-25 and vice-versa
  • Log data and signal changes in both directions to a PC using USB connection

System requirements

  • Pentium PC running Linux, Windows 2000 or XP with an available USB port


  • Product sheet
  • User manual