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Pagetrack Page verification system

The Pagetrack takes your system monitoring to the next level. Are you currently sending out a sequential test message and relying on a manual method of making sure that your paging system is actually transmitting the message? PageTrack can use your existing sequential test page (or generate one for you if needed) and monitor the transmission using a paging receiver. If the paging receiver does not receive the test message to its programmed capcode within a defined time period an alert can be sent via email, SNPP, or WCTP. This can, for example, be used to send an email to your cell phone if your paging system is down.


  • Inexpensive method of automating your paging monitoring
  • Uses a standard paging receiver
  • Available in Pocsag 152-159, 450-467, 929-932 (call for others)

System requirements

  • Pentium PC running Windows 2000 or XP with an available RS-232 port


  • Product sheet
  • User manual