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The TNPP-LX is a high-performance TNPP Router based on the TNPP routing abilities in the Omega UMS and Omega IMG. This system is built on the Linux operating system and supports Clustering for the ultimate in hot-standby.


  • Runs on Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 64-bit edition (and clones such as CentOS 6)
  • Supports over 64 serial ports
  • Tested to 300 simultaneous network connections
  • Optional clustering for system redundancy
  • Web-based administration
  • Ethernet port allows sending/receiving TNPP over internet
  • Alternate routing for automatic fail-over
  • Blocking by source, page class, page types
  • Routing by destination
  • Translation of: source, destination, inertia channel and zone
  • Alarms via Internet (SMTP, SNPP, WCTP)
  • Supports extended cap blocks and flex pages
  • Secure remote access using ssh over network
  • Real-time view of port statistics
  • Configurable billing logs
  • Supports some competitor's TNPP over network clients. Others may be added