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Omega-LX Internet Messaging Gateway

The Omega-LX is our premiere internet messaging gateway supporting either load-balanced or clustered operation running on an enterprise Linux platform. Several anti-spam measures are supported for reducing unwanted paging traffic. In addition SSL is supported for both HTTP and WCTP paging for secure messaging over the internet.

The Omega-LX offers the ability to bundle a variety of services and customize subscriber packages. Legacy serial based protocols like TAP and TNPP can be converted back and forth to Internet protocols such as SMTP, SNPP, and WCTP allowing the operator to build a profit center with low initial expense and expand as needed. New features are always being added, please call us if the feature you need is not listed here. Our goal is to provide an expandable system which does not limit the quantity or quality of service that you provide.


  • Runs on Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 64-bit edition (and clones such as CentOS 6)
  • Supports over 64 serial ports
  • Built in TAP concentrator
  • Built in TNPP router
  • Web/Command Line/Computer Interface-based administration
  • Accepts GCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMPP, SMTP, SNPP, TAP, TNPP, WCTP, and WCTPS from the Network
  • Sends Messages using GCP, HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, SNPP, TAP, TNPP, and WCTP
  • Spam filtering abilities
  • Web-based administration