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IPT-3U Internet Paging Terminal

Internet Paging Terminal

The Hark IPT-3U is a hardware device that merges the functionality of the ISI and IPG into one device. It accepts paging traffic via the Internet using one of the following protocols: HTTP (web), SMPP, SMTP (email), SNPP, or WCTP. Incoming messages are routed to the outgoing serial port based on ID blocks. Outgoing serial protocols supported are: GCP (Glenayre Computer Protocol), TAP, and TNPP.

The IPT-3U has all the features of the IPT-1U in a 3U rackmount form factor. This allows adding additional expansion cards. There are 12 slots available for hot-swappable I/O cards. Up to two hot-swappable -48VDC power supply cards are supported. There is also a slot for an optional alarm card.

There are a few I/O cards available now. These are: a 4-port RS-232 card that provides four RS-232 ports with full modem control, a 4-port POTS modem card for dialup protocols like TAP, a 4-port DID modem card that supports DTMF numeric and TAP dialup on any port, and a 4-output paging encoder. Under development are a T1 interface card and digital modems for the T1.


  • Hardware Based
  • Uses Embedded Linux as the Multitasking OS
  • Secure access for Configuration and Maintenance using SSH or RS-232 console port
  • Accepts GCP, HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, SNPP, TAP, TNPP, and WCTP from network
  • Also receives GCP, TAP, and TNPP via built-in RS-232 ports
  • Sends messages via serial port to local terminal using GCP, TAP, or TNPP
  • Also sends messages via network to SMPP, SMTP, SNPP, WCTP, and WCTP/SSL
  • Connects to Internet using Ethernet Network
  • Supports the ISI passthrough mode for ISI replacement
  • Up to 12 quad-port I/O cards supported
  • Quad RS-232 card
  • Quad POTS modem card
  • Quad DID modem card
  • Golay, POCSAG, Flex Encoder
  • -48VDC Power supply cards (up to two)
  • No moving parts such as hard drives or fans to wear out

System requirements

  • Internet connection
  • DB-9 serial cables